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Application-specific solutions.

We're working with government and industry customers to solve their specific challenges, leveraging the versatility and low cost of our Open Additive systems for research and applications. Below are several of the services we offer:

Specialty Materials Processing

Our open systems are excellent platforms for developing LPBF process parameters for specialty materials or applications. We've worked with a wide range of materials, including steels, non-ferrous alloys (Ti, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, etc.), refractories (W, Ta), ceramics (WC, and more), and composites of these materials. We have assisted companies and research organizations evaluate their proprietary materials for LPBF processing, including teaming with organizations performing computational discovery of new alloy formulations tailored for laser processing.

Demos and Prototypes

We can perform AM builds for our customers. Our focus is design and demos, particularly for applications benefiting from open systems or advanced technologies. Examples include:

  • Assisting companies in evaluating laser AM for their application

  • Reverse engineering for parts no longer available through original source

  • Building one-off or low volume production runs of difficult materials or geometries

  • Performing benchmark builds to demonstrate system capabilities

Training and Consultation

We can provide training and consultation on Open Additive systems or general AM needs. We can also refer you to recommended sources for other training and consultation, leveraging our network of collaborators and customers.

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