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Pricing... out in the open!

At OpenAdditive™, we believe in providing users the information needed to take more control of their AM solutions. So why should prices be any different? Below are our current products and pricing (US dollars) to inform your buying decisions.

​​PANDA System (6"/150-mm class)

  • US academic/government: $199,000

  • All other customers: $249,000

  • Available no later than 6 months from receipt of order (earlier possible)


GRIZZLY System (11"/280-mm class)

  • US academic/government: $269,000

  • All other customers: $299,000

  • Available no later than 9 months from receipt of order (earlier possible)


PANDA/GRIZZLY systems include:

  • Single 500W air-cooled Yb-fiber laser

  • High-performance galvanometer for fast/accurate scanning

  • F-theta lens to maintain fine spot size

  • Powder bed assembly with build chamber and oversized supply

  • Dual-blade recoater assembly

  • Passive vibration isolation base

  • Perpetual license for control software

  • PC workstation with Windows 10

  • Dual monitors and interior camera

  • Power conditioner unit and racks

  • Sealed chamber with dual oxygen sensors, inert gas ports, and particulate filtration system

  • Laser-safe enclosure and interlocks for Class 1 device per ANSI Z136.1

  • Large front and side viewing windows

  • Built-in ports to mount sensors

  • Materials processing parameters (shareable as available)

  • Installation and onsite system training (included for USA only)

  • 12-months warranty and two service visits (included for USA only)

  • Shipping not included (location and order dependent)


  • Upgrade from 500W to 1000W, includes chiller: +$50,000

  • Inquire for other available configurations

Process monitoring:

  • AMSENSE® multi-sensor data collection suite: $30,000

  • Process monitoring and control algorithms: Coming soon

  • Machine-monitoring sensor module: Coming soon


Consumables and peripherals:

  • STL files for build plates and 3D-printed components (for own use): Included at no extra charge

  • Additional build plates:  PANDA = $75/lowC steel, $150/SS, $300/Ti; GRIZZLY = $250/lowC steel, $500/SS, $1000/Ti; shipping not included; inquire for specialty plates

  • Replacement foam gaskets: Spare set included each service visit; $200/10-pack for additional set

  • Replacement filters: Replaced each service visit; inquire for vendor info

  • We are happy to provide quotes or recommended sources for ancillary equipment to support your operations; e.g.; powder handling, safety equipment: Inquire for info/quote


Larger and custom systems:

  • HIPPO (16"/400-mm class) and MAMMOTH (24"/600-mm class) systems: In development and testing, expected available for commercial orders in early 2020; inquire for budget planning estimate

  • Other specialty configurations for unique applications: Inquire to discuss

International Sales

For outside USA, prices are "Ex Works (EXW)" to Dayton, Ohio. Shipping, customs clearance, and carrier insurance not included. Acceptance of orders outside USA is conditional on any export approvals needed for buyer country/firm. Service plans outside USA are available at extra cost. International resellers, please contact us at info@openadditive.com.

Formal Quotes

Prices valid from 1 June 2019 until notice. Please contact sales@openadditive.com for more info or formal quote for purchase orders. Prices do not include taxes, as applicable.

Open Pricing Model