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Get all the data and put it to use.

We are working to develop, evaluate, and integrate off-the-shelf and emerging sensor solutions for AM process monitoring and control. Our AMSENSE® platform is now available as an entry product, serving as a low-cost, adaptable approach to multi-modal data collection and archiving, with access to all raw data from a variety of sensors. Sensors include off-axis visible camera and near-IR camera, which can be integrated into OpenAdditive™ systems. Other modalities are under study.


The AMSENSE graphical user interface allows users to select sensor settings for each build using the provided computer workstation. The hardware/software automates time and position stamping, resulting in synchronized multi-sensor data. The resulting data sets provide an integrated digital record of each layer, which can be exported to analysis programs or viewed directly. AMSENSE thus enables the ability to correlate in situ indicators with resulting features, paving the way for parts certification with added in situ inspection. 


Advanced and automated analysis and control algorithms are in development, and will be provided as add-on modules as available. Analysis modules in development include thermal tomography, particle ejecta tracking, automated spread error detection, full-bed profilometry, and melt pool temperature estimation. Users can also develop their own analysis and control algorithms using the sensor data.

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